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Yo unbreakable steel sword swingin', face the Black Mamba
Deadly Vipers, squeeze ya life out like anacondas
In the story,Anal Sex Video und
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off wit ya head, the scene is gory
Single-edged steel blade made by Hattori
Hanzo, you see the signature of brother Han' though?
Try to strike out, you get ya arm dismantled
Chief of the Yakuza's wicked like Medusa
with Crazy 88's too, Amateur Porno video'bout to meet ya maker
Ol' Dirty Bastard swordplay
Dirt McGirt be pickin' up skirts on 4th and Broadway
Japanese bitch be suckin' my dick
Peurto .Asia Sex Rican hoes be lickin' my split
California Mountain Snake on debate
be givin' my head while I'm countin' my cake, crushin' up an 8th
of that snow white shit,Xxx Downloaddas
Xxx Porno Videos in the Pussy Wagon not hittin' the brakes!
[Masta Killa]
Baaaaaamm.. hidden swordstyle hits, I wish
A nigga would test the Black Mamba, in a spit like the coma
Fill his Copperhead,Sex 18 with the hollow tip lead
Yo.. who wanna dance with the fertile lands' deadly state?
Cottonmouth sticky from the Af' gooey
Blowin' smoke through the Viper Pit
Hold a listener tight, mic constrictor
Words from the theater, swift as Krishner
12.1.06 04:40


Yo.. yo.. A man is condemned or exaulted by his words..
Exalt me.. yo.. this what y'all niggas wanted..
The streets was waitin'
here I am, a beast awakened
in a Beamer Station Wagon with massive gleamin' bracelets
after years of bein' patient
sheddin' tears and beatin' cases
I'm ready for whatever yo (Mega!)
no more to say
words can't explain like Rich Porters grave
this is a ghetto monument, my confidence is more apparent
the mind like a Nine automatic
graceful yet capable of causin' damage
I'm too ill, lyrically I feel I'm too real
dough or die, either way I do deals
I'm gifted, my only fear is death or prison
what other lyricist conveys such sincereness?
I been Xxx teensthrough the ghetto life and drug concealings
fearless, and betrayal with trust is given
now I deal with a few, I don't fuck with niggas
it's not arrogance, it's I'm-not-havin' it
niggashardcore porno filme act like they was sendin' me packages
when I was upstate gainin' weight and lackin' friends
think about it, I don't talk about it, I be about it
I get money and I still be in the Projects
fuck rap, nigga like me is eatin' regardless
even during the drout I had a Ki in the closet
connects was tellin' me I ain't need a deposit
they were seein' the progress on my net, smashin' niggas
I was pitchin', you was catchin' feelings
like hardcore porno videosD's when they seen they couldn't catch my niggas
41st side, what, we had cracks in the building
the 4-5, Infra red Mac and the Sterling
it was all for the cause except my dogs got careless
I suppose those who ain't like us feared us
the life we chose inspired me to write these poems
I'm takin' mine like the Rikers phone
The Realness...
my Peeing sexniggas waitin' for this.. pump this on the corner..
pump this in ya ride.. pump this in ya jail cell..
the essence of a hustler my nigga.. what.. Mega
29.12.05 19:00

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You single and strugglin', sleepin' with dudes
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You think you gettin ova, as time flies you gettin olda
You waking up with nobody to hold ya
You're like bad dope, nobody want you.neue sonktexte zu downloaden auf die festplatte
Haunted by your past ghosts, they used to run through
Changin' is your last hope, but do you want to?
Are you still sensual prey when dealers come through?
Is your respect worth losin' for the next man's wealth?
Look in the mirror, stare at yourself
Everything you do in darkness will come to the light
Stop fighting your conscience and Live Ya Life...
You had an addiction
It was so clear.XXX Teen
Child welfare came into your home and apprehended your children
Now you faced with a decision
What ya love more : simulation or your children?
The Choice is yours, In the presence of evil
you started sniffin', Boy you was scared of them needles
Your man died from sharin' with people
You know that dope good if you said it's diesel
Now you staring at your kids room, but it don't seem true
It's sunny outside but it don't seem blue
You got kids who need you
What you gonna do?
The only way you gonna make things right -
Is to get yourself together and Live Ya Life...
Keep on, keep on, keep on, keep on strugglin.Hardcore Sex Videos und Hardcore Sex Filme und auch
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